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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pitter Pat

Luke is extremely mobile, and we don't have gates anywhere in our house. He goes up and down stairs whenever he wants and we don't follow him. This means that we often hear his stomping feet running without knowing exactly where he is. Whoever talked about the pitter pat of little feet must have had a well insulated house.

Early this morning, about 4:30 AM, we heard that pitter pat. After waiting a moment for Luke to arrive in our bedroom, we both realized that he had gone downstairs and was wandering around in the dark. Esposo went to go find him and bring him back to bed.

On Monday evening, I was on the computer upstairs and Luke was playing in the hall, laughing and running. It's hard to resist the laughter and Esposo came upstairs to see what was going on. He found Luke using the dog as a tunnel over and over again. When the dog lay down, Luke commanded that she get up so he could continue this game. The dog was not harmed during tunnel play :)

On Tuesday evening, Esposo was upstairs with Luke while I rested downstairs (pregnancy is giving me great muscle pains, which I didn't have with Luke). This time I heard and was drawn to the laughter, and I found Luke running naked from one end of the hall to the other. When he saw me, he threw up his arms and yelled "I NEKKID!". I immediately flashed forward 18 years to his college parties...


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