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Thursday, February 01, 2007

This Kid is Broken

I finally broke down and joined Gymboree this morning - Luke and I checked it out, and he immediately ran up every slide, jumped, and picked up the giant bouncy balls. The clincher was that he was even participating in the class sort of, listening to the teacher and vaguely following the other children. Who were only vaguely following directions as well.

It turns out, too, that of the five other moms in the class, I knew three.

A couple other moms commented how tired their kids were after these classes, and I dreamed a little dream that this would apply to Luke. Which, of course, it didn't. While he's been more than content to play with all his toys (which are always much more interesting after a few hours away from them), he is not interested in taking a nap. I am.

Meanwhile, last night Luke slept in my bed with me. (Esposo is out of town). I still woke up at 2:30 and was awake until 5, so I heard very clearly when Luke slipped headfirst out of bed (he was laying parallel to the pillow) and landed on his head in an upside down upright position, leaning against the chair and nightstand. Where he stayed for 3-5 seconds until I located him, because I didn't expect him to be STANDING ON HIS HEAD. I grabbed his legs and yanked him back into bed, anticipating indignant screams.

Which didn't happen because he didn't wake up.

How can you fall on your head and stay asleep but fight a nap all afternoon?


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