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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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We just returned from California, where we spent the weekend celebrating my brother's wedding. My mother travelled with Esposo and I and the two children on the plane, and while it wasn't a --rousing-- success, we did make it there without incurring fellow passenger anger. The return trip was a rousing success as Luke fell asleep within minutes of take off and stayed asleep for three hours of the trip.

We slept in double beds for the trip, Courtney and I in one, and Luke and Esposo in another. Yes, Courtney slept every night IN THE BED with me, and I got a lot of sleep. She likes to sleep on her side, and sleeps well that way, so screw you, AAP! We also ignored the AAP recommendation of never spanking this weekend, as Luke got a swat on the behind from Esposo when he darted out into the street. This prompted a small discussion between us as to when we thought spanking was appropriate, and personally, I'll slap my child silly to keep him from running into a street.

Since we were with many people, Courtney was constantly held over the weekend. Which she is expecting at home now and her neediness has made me to decide that it's about time that this second child learn to hang out in her crib on her own. Sheesh, second children are supposed to know about neglect! Next week she is six weeks old and that's the point we moved Luke from a bassinet next to our bed to his crib. Contradictorily, I am not at all ready to move Courtney down the hall, I'd prefer to keep her near me.

As for the wedding, my brother has joined a distinctly difficult family, and I wish him luck on all levels while thanking all the gods out there for my own odd but friendly and non judgmental in-laws. Because we celebrated a Hindu wedding, there was traditional Indian food, and some of it was a bit spicy. Courtney was extremely displeased by the Indian breastmilk, screaming and fussing while eating the next day, which made feeding rather difficult!


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