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Monday, March 05, 2007

Still Pregnant

I think of things to write every day but I'm too damn lazy to sit down and think of coherent sentence structure and logical paragraphs. Not that I do a hell of a lot of that when I write on here anyway, but even typing seems to be a massive energy output. My due date is WEDNESDAY, as in two days from now. Do I feel like I'm having productive contractions? No. My biggest fear is that when I go into the doctor and they check my cervix they'll say "Well, nothing's happening, see you next week." and I will lose my freaking mind. I was supposed to be able to get out of this pregnancy at 39 weeks. Not taking it to the last day and possibly over. And I've gotten comments about how it will be over soon, it's all about a healthy baby, she'll be born when she's ready, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Here's 40 pounds, go walk around for awhile, and chronic heartburn, have some of that (Thank you, Pepcid AC), and sleeping on one side until your arm/leg/ear goes numb, and your maternity pants sliding off your belly, and oh yeah, only having four pairs of pants to wear, two of which are a little too large anyway. So yeah, it's about a healthy baby, but it's also about not being in this limbo state anymore.

In the random state of my family, I gained and lost a cousin on the 28th of February. One died from complications of, of all things, a routine colonoscopy, and another was born via C-section. I'm not particularly close to either family, but the 'circle of life' aspect of things is hard to ignore. And being very pregnant, I feel rather enmeshed in that 'circle', not that I can ever seem to distance myself from it, as I'm rather dramatic about existence. Really, you don't want me to go there.

Nesting has continued and we are working on the "kids" bathroom a lot. I hope to have a full post about that in a month or so - from the "before" to the "finish" all together. In about two months time... that would be a significant timeline improvement over the previous bathroom project... of course, the amount of work involved is about a tenth of what we did to the other bathroom, too.


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