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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cutting Edge

A friend just forwarded a link to the 1974 Weight Watcher recipe cards book, and I started thinking. I stumbled onto a little blog called Pound back in 2001 or so, when I was working at the most boring job in the world. And let's use the term working very very very loosely, because there were weeks in which I did --nothing--. I would surf the internet and email fro hours upon hours every day, all the while waiting for someone, ANYONE to call me on it. It's the sign of ... something... that no one ever did.

So I read blog upon blog upon blog. And this 'Wendy' who wrote '' was in Chicago and trying to lose weight and so I read her blog. And then she found those recipe cards and the internet shit a collective brick laughing so damn hard. Because they are beyond hysterical. And if you haven't seen them, crawl out from under your rock and search for them on this little thing called Google, because I am way too damn lazy to link to anything. Especially anything that would be that easy for you to find.


There is, apparently, a reason that children should be born WITHOUT hair. Twice in the last two days Courtney has reached her arm above her head, flexed and contracted her hand and grabbed a fistful of her own hair. Which she then can't release, and she starts screaming bloody murder, because it hurts.


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