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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Airing Out

Warning - Baby bodily functions discussed.

I thought that since this time I have a GIRL baby, I wouldn't have to worry about the one 'pee in the eye' cliche. But even without a pee launcher, Courtney manages to get some good arc going, and the slightest bit of air can set her off. I keep trying to let her 'air out', as the doctors suggest, to ensure that her girl parts stay healthy but after several direct shots, I'm a little gun-shy. And the direct shots are not just pee.

And that's one of the things about breast vs bottle that isn't quite so discussed. Yes, the books tell you what to expect from the rear end depending on if you choose breast or bottle, but they aren't so clear on mentioning that breast milk CAN give your baby very liquid poops, and these CAN come shooting out her butt if you decide that a good way to wake her for feeding is by changing her diaper. At least a foot, too.

It's amazing what you forget when it comes to the newborn months. When I was in the hospital, I rewatched the video on caring for the newborn and asked stupid questions all over again because it's not quite like riding a bicycle. These are the most consistently sleep deprived months of your life without some sort of medical condition, and we all know we don't retain information well when sleep deprived. I can't believe how much the nurses ASSUMED I knew about the whole giving birth-recovery-caring for infant sequence. I did it all ONCE two YEARS ago. (side note you may not want to read as it has to do with my physical recovery - it took me a week and a half after giving birth to figure out I had frickin' hemorrhoids because Luke was a forceps delivery and I didn't get them with him. I just couldn't figure out why my tushie hurt.)

So we're all learning around here STILL, and I'm wondering what would be different if I had a third child?


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