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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Kind of Town

I've said it before - I love Chicago. I spent my childhood away from here, and didn't consider myself a 'Chicagoan' for a long time, even though I lived in the suburbs. But by now? After almost 19 years here, from Lemont to North Chicago, Wheeling to Wheaton, Ravenswood to the Clearing industry... I know this place. I like knowing this place, and I like everything Chicago - the Cubs and the Sox, the Bears and the Bulls, and the movies. John Hughes and Risky Business -"Looks like University of Illinois!"

We're raising our kids as Chicagoans - the Sears Tower and the Wisconsin lake house, the El and the Bean - and Esposo is getting Luke enmeshed in the lore of Chicago. Instead of reading books at bedtime, Esposo is telling him a story. A story about two brothers and a band.

The Blues Brothers.


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