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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Word Explosion, Again

This toddler phase is both amazing and exhausting. Exhausting for all the obvious reasons - the defiance, the whining, the not sleeping, the screaming. That's why toddlerdom gets the bad rap.

But you don't really hear about this being such an amazing phase, where they start putting word and concepts together at such a fast rate you're left gawping at them twice a day. Where they start getting a sense of humor.

After a particularly trying week, Luke followed me on my heels Saturday morning with a huge grin and parroted "Driving you crazy! Driving you crazy!"

When I had been physically removing his arm from the toilet handle to prevent him from flushing it, he sternly commanded "Don't grab my arm! That's not nice!"

And yesterday, as he gleefully ran around naked, he stopped to poke his genitalia and said "That's my pen*s! Squish squish!"

This is why I love being with my children everyday. They are amazing.


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