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Friday, June 01, 2007

Uptight and Not Too Bright

Our savings has been vastly depleted this year, and it's making me panic (thus, the line drying and the grocery savings, etc). I've covered this, I'm really uptight and panicky about money. Esposo is not. He's not stupid about money, either, he just has a less "panic and doom" outlook on it. This more, as I was panicking in the shower (ah, a nice hot morning Panic Shower) I was trying to figure out where all our money went, and how we were going to last if it was going at such an alarming rate. We had pumped a lot of money into both our vehicles but WHERE ELSE DID IT GO? Thousands of dollars are missing!!

An hour later, looking at our accounts, I realized, oh yeah... WE HAD A BABY. I think we can guarantee we won't be incurring THAT expense again this year!!

(In other, more happy news, but still probably just as boring to the rest of the world, I'm only SIX pounds from prepregnancy!!! I'm about to go down a tens number (like from 20 to 19) and the scale is taunting me, though. I spit on it. But seriously, LOVE the nursing!! I ate pizza last night! No effect on the scale!!)

(And in still other news, Courtney slept SEVEN hours last night! And I slept through it! And my boobs did NOT explode! It's been over 12 weeks of breast feeding, next Wednesday is 13/3months and I'm halfway to goal! I think I should use more exclamation points!! in!! this!! post!! But seriously, I am DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF for going this long,, (I got tired of exclamation points))


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