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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Diet, Exercise, and Weight

Both Esposo and I are trying to eat healthy and exercise, and we're doing pretty well. We're both creeping down the weight scale, and exercise at least 4-5 times a week. We haven't been that diligent, though, and could be losing more. Since his ultimate goal isn't as much weight loss as being able to kick his siblings butts (well, at least two of them) in the First Annual Family Triathalon, FAFT, he hasn't been focusing on calories and food. Since Luke has been an insane child and I've been exhausted, I haven't been focusing on calories and food like I should.

I've lost weight before. I rely on the mass balance equation of: More Exercise + Less Food = Weight Loss. I read all the articles on weight loss that I can, hoping someday that they'll say 'The juice of a three day ripe papaya, with three twists of a newt's eye, poured over freshly mined copper and drunk from a birch bark bowl provides an instant 10 pound weight loss!'... of course, the newt's eye thing would gag me... but ten pounds? I could suck it up.

So Esposo and I were talking, in one of those conversations that makes non-weight-loss people apparently want to stab their eardrums, about calories and eating habits. Esposo commented that he didn't think he had that many calories everyday and maybe he should head over to one of those websites and enter everything he eats in a day ( is my favorite for that). Surely he couldn't be eating more than 2,000 calories! Maybe even closer to 1500!

I laughed. Because I've been on a 1200-1500 calorie a day diet. You know EVERY morsel of food you eat, and there's no way he's eating that little. He would be losing weight much more rapidly. When he mentioned a bagel and peanut butter I said 'That's 300-400 calories right there, for the BAGEL', and he didn't believe me.

Don't mess with MathDietGrrl. One of his bagels is 330 calories. Two tablespoons of peanut butter? 190 calories. I am curious, though, how many calories he is eating. I'm guessing, with his weight and activity level, he needs about 2500 calories a day, and that's probably what he's hitting.

As for me, I'm 1.8 pounds from my goal for Memorial Day, and since we're going away for the weekend, I have one day to lose it. Not gon' happen. But being 7.8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight 11 weeks postpartum isn't halfbad, I don't think.


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