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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The monies

As per usual, we lack money. Please send cash.

***dramatic sigh***

I am spending approximately $60 per child for Christmas. This may be world-record cheap on my part, but hey, they have four aunt/uncle sets and two grandmothers. They're fine.

I will also take Lotto cards because I hope to win.

C'mon February, let's get the tax refund going.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Luke: When can Courtney and I get married?

Mommy: Well, you hve to find other people to marry. Right now there's a little girl* out there who will someday be a woman and want to marry you when you're a man.

Luke: But I want to marry Courtney.

Mommmy: That's called incest and that's not allowed. You and Courtney are already brother and sister and that's a very special relationship, you can't be husband and wife.

Luke: Courtney and I are going to marry each other.

(It did cross my mind 'what if' he's gay and there's actually another litle BOY out there, but really, let's not overly confuse the issue, we're trying to clarify NO MARRYING YOUR SISTER.)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I didn't get into any heated arguments re: presidential candidate BEFORE the election but now that (my) candidate has won, I've stumbled into a more than a few comments about the horrible way our country is going to go now, or even better, how those who voted for Obama CLEARLY didn't understand the ISSUES. Clearly, or maybe WE JUST DON'T THINK LIKE YOU.

One person asked exactly what issues did I agree with Obama on? and my mind went (glarble glurp?)... and I could hardly even name an "issue". I blame lack of sleep and giddiness. To remind myself what I agreed with I went to the big O's website and read through his issue stances, saying, oh yeah! Word! Got it! all along. And so yeah, pretty much I agree with Obama on ALL of his stances.

The people who say they are moving out of country or fear for our future shock me at this point because, um, where have you been living these past seven years as GWB drove us into International scorn? You think things are going good? Obama or McCain - both are better than GWB.