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Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's been a week solid of activities and cleaning and destroying, unwrapping, unpacking and playing. Whining and cookies and beer. Bowling and parties and The Improv. The children were completely fried by Saturday afternoon, and yet, there was still another family party to attend. Today (Sunday) has been filled with sitting around the house and playing with toys and a three and a half hour nap for Courtney - and she woke up from that still looking tired. They're trying to sleep in, but they're small and they can only get to 7:30 or 8 before the sun wakes them up. And then those new toys beckon. But tonight we all ate actual food, with vegetables and meat and no sugar, so hopefully their little systems will properly reboot.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Mania

We have now solidly entered the era of childhood birthday parties. Everyone is having one this year, Luke included. Childhood parties nowadays are extravagant. Buildings dedicated to giant bouncy equipment, craft parties, art parties, Chuck E Cheese - you can have a birthday party just about anywhere you can think, if you shell out the cash.

I have clunked around with guest lists and ideas for months now, it feels, until finally coming to the decision that Luke will be having a SMALL birthday party at home. Small as is 5 kids on the invite list, not small like my SIL's 12 children... Luke prefers smaller groups, I prefer smaller groups, and we can probably do cooler things with a smaller group.

And it's a space party. I spent this evening making up rocket ship invitations that are just too gosh darn cute for words, and easy as well. I only had year old pictures of Luke on hand (because you can see his head in the window of the rocket ship, of course!) but I'm not concerned. They are AWESOME.

Next, games, favors, and lunch. This should be fun. Especially since I really like all the kids we're inviting!