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Friday, October 07, 2005

Cute things Luke does

  • Claps with his right hand in a fist and his left hand open.
  • Fake coughs.
  • Takes the dog's bone. While she's chewing it.
  • Giggles: when I move my face close into his face (yeah yeah, I'm funny looking.), after you say "I'm gonna get you" but before you've touched him, and at fake sneezes.
  • Looks at me when we're up close and then opens his mouth and heads towards my face to go in for a taste.
  • Twirls his hands and feet in anticipation of food.
  • Snatches those Gerber puffed fruits and vegetable treats in a flash off the table.
  • Sleeps face down on his knees with his butt in the air.
  • Makes a break for the gate separating the kitchen and family room if we leave it open. And then heads straight for the dog bowls on the floor, because what fun!
  • Smiles. Cries. Grabs. Creeps. Breathes.


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