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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bein' as I am from Chicago, I have obviously been made somewhat awares of a certain team's current good fortune. This has set off a bit of a debate in dis here good city, about the rivalry between the sout' side and the nort' side.

Prior to moving to Chicago(land) in 1988, I was a Mets fan. This presented a certain incompatibility with the area's Cubs fans. I was 11, though, and while a fan, I was not A Fan, so my issues were small. In college, I dated three guys 'seriously'. One of those was a basketball nut, the other two weren't really into sports. So baseball and I, we weren't close. I was a 'Mets fan' because that was where my allegience lie in 1988, and nothing had served to change that. I also liked the White Sox a little, for no clear reason.

Esposo, he's a Cubs fan through and through. We've gone to numerous Cubs games. Since Esposo was far more driven about his team than I ever was about mine, I wasn't going to disturb that father-son baseball bonding, and Luke has several Cubs outfits.

I apologize to those who may be shocked by this news, but I am now a Cubs fan. When you're not a diehard fan and your spouse is? It happens. I still like the Mets, though. Still very incompatible. And I wasn't anti White Sox, because hey, it's all Chicago, and I'm a HUGE Chicago fan. Love love love this city and environs.

The Cubs had a great year in aught-three (2003), as you may recall. This was the time when I stopped liking the Sox. Because they were jerks about the whole dang thing. I'm not cool with that. It's like the Illini-Big Ten thing I have, I was going with a Cubs-Chicago thing.

Now that those skeevy sout' siders are in the series, there are Sox fans (and managers) saying that Cubs fans are sour grapes and should root for the Sox and other assorted BS. Ya know what folks? You set the tone in '03, you're not getting converts in '05.

Go Astros!


Blogger Elisette said...

And now that I read that Houston has never won a division championship, so thus never BEEN to the World Series?

8:47 AM  
Blogger Elisette said...

Totally rooting for them (had to complete that thought there...)

10:44 AM  
Blogger RubyB said...

i'm still all about supporting the chicago team. granted maybe sox FANS were a bunch of bad people.. but the team still represents the city. and the fact that they're representing the city by playing in the world series of baseball.. that's big.

so support the team. fuck the misanthrope fans.

"cubs" fans are just as bad in the "i hate the other team" battle. i don't understand it. both teams represent chicago. sure, to some, it's a northside, southside thing. maybe coming from the 'burbs i don't get that. my dad is a southsider and a westsider. then a northsider and now a northwest burber. he's been all over the city. he supports chicago sports. he watches the sox AND the cubs. (although secretly, i think if he had to pick, he'd go sox).

this in-town bickering DOES NOT portray a nice image to the rest of the country. if you love the city, love ALL its sports teams. don't judge a team by its fans. and like i was telling my kids today, don't generalize. just because some loudmouths were dissin' the cubs in '03.. doesn't mean that those who are representing the city of Chicago don't deserve to be rooted on to victory.

Let's hear it for the White Sox, putting Chi-town back into MLB for more than having the world's largest beer garden. They play good baseball. I admit, not the biggest bball watcher, but from what I've seen lately, they play the game... They execute like the game is designed to be. And from what I've heard, that's a common occurence from this team. It's just been a long time since they were able to not shoot themselves in the foot.

i've been drinking. i get opinionated.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Elisette said...

I actually thought about that yesterday (the fan question vs the team question). All of the image I have of a team is really it's fans.

And uh, nice image to the rest of the country? Since when am I trying to portray a nice image to the rest of the country? I did a little searching and in about 30 seconds came up with a sign you can buy that says "Mets Fans Parking: Yankees Fans Go Home". calls... TBC

6:15 AM  

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