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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cruel Cruel Mommy

There was a time when letting my son 'cry it out' was very very hard. When I sat in front of his bedroom door listening to his every sound, because it all just seemed to cruel.

Sad to say, I'm over that now. I've tried to make for a relaxing bedtime ritual for Luke, but he'll have none of it. In fact, it seems that the more ritualized I make it, the more he knows what's coming and starts the panicking, the screaming, the walking up my body and over my shoulder. I try to sing and walk and rock him gently in a dimly lit room to start the winding down process, and it doesn't work. The screaming just escalates. I've read about attachment parenting, these people who sleep with their children in their bed until they're 14, who never dream of letting a child cry it out, and all I can think is that if I tried that with Luke, I'd never get sleep.


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