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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's a Nice Nice World

Yesterday I brought my camera in to work to upload pictures to the internet. I then promptly forgot about my camera since yesterday was a very hectic day (yay!). I remembered my camera about 10:30 AM and panicked, as I didn't remember seeing it on my desk and thus therefore (three dots) it might have been STOLEN!

I returned to my desk and found it sitting on top of the bucket of plastic bottles I have under my desk, where I had placed it yesterday. The world is not full of thieves!

At lunch the vending machine guy stopped by as I was getting my Baked Doritos. I told 'Hey, this Baked chip thing is great! Not only are there Baked chips, but there are now TWO OPTIONS of Baked chips to get! And 100 Calore Packs of cookies!' I really am thrilled about this.

I went and sat down, and after he had filled the machine, he gave me a free bag of Baked BBQ chips. Aw, people are nice!


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