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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Still Red

My eyes are stillred this morning, but the magic drops are making them feel much better.

An unstellar morning, it was. There was dog vomit. I hate dog vomit. It makes me gag and retch more than anything else. Esposo would take dog vomit over baby poop apparently.

I brought Luke into the bathroom with me, with toys, as I showered. I thought, he's kind of raspy, maybe this will help his throat (he's had a stuffy nose and slight cough for awhile, the stuffy nose cleared up a few days ago, the cough is hanging out a bit). He climbed up on the side of the bathtub to see the water. So I sat him down and gave him toys, then hopped in the shower, closing the curtain. Which was HORRIBLE for Luke. He went to the corner of the tub and frantically tried to pull back the curtain to get to me and see the water.

Shower? Not relaxing. I'm not sure if I actually used soap.


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