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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Living in Two Week Increments

The oddest thing about knowing that I *could* quit now and we could survive through early May is that I am living in two week increments. I get paid every other Friday, and while before I realized I could quit, it was just managing the slippery slope of slightly less saved money each month, now it's realizing that each paycheck means that I am that much closer to being able to quit, and that much more money is not used up from our savings.

Add a spring tax refund - a decided benefit of the new home, baby, husband in school is that this spring's refund should be fairly hefty - and the money is rolling in.

Have I mentioned that I am incredibly uptight about money? Incredibly. Esposo, not so much so. He's confident that more money will be coming soon! I'm confident that everything will be ripped out from beneath us at any second. We're both fiscally responsible, it's just that he needs less of a savings net than I do.

We're attempting to plan our vacations this year, hoping for a long weekend in San Diego. This will easily cost us $1200-$1400 between flight, hotel, and car. Not to mention food and exhibit entry fees. And then there is the matter of the as-yet-unplanned wedding in Aruba? Jamaica? Puerto Rico? I don't know how to budget time and money for that yet.

So every two weeks, we are a little closer to being able to afford to do things, a little closer to living life the way we want to, not the way we have to.

I'm going to go estimate our tax refund now.


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