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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Dream is Alive

Last night was an idyllic motherhood night, what you dream of when you think of being a Mommy. I came home to pick up Luke and his things and turned right around to head to a Mommy group at an indoor playground. Luke loved playing in the new space with the bigger kids, trotting around as if he owned the place, only to come running back to me with a full body slam. And then he was off again!

We came home somewhat early and ate dinner, followed by after dinner play. Play in which Luke laughed so hard he fell over numerous times, as we looked at each other nose to nose and he decorated my head with an inflatable ring, and then placed it around his own neck. He stood up and slyly took some sideways glances at me as he walked away, begging for a chase.

We snuggled together as he drank his night time bottle, and a little while after that. I walked my fingers up his tummy and tickled behind his ears until just the feeling of my fingers on his belly made him scrunch his neck and giggle.

When it came time for bedtime, we said goodnight to Daddy and as we headed into his bedroom, he reached for his crib, snuggling down immediately in his covers. I could stay a moment and rub his back and say goodnight, and as I left he began talking to himself.

And at 5:30 he's not yet awake.


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