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Monday, January 23, 2006


Don't call my cats 'she'. They are boys.

Wary means On guard; watchful and Weary means Physically or mentally fatigued. Use them correctly.

U is not an appropriate abbreviation for you. Nor is 2 appropriate for to. Reading emails like that is piss-ass annoying.


Blogger Tara B! said...


How about seen vs. saw?

Nothing irritates me more than hearing someone say they "seen her at the store..."


3:10 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

A friend of mine argues that spaying and neutering pets renders them androgynous, therefore we can assign whichever sex we want. I cordially informed her that, if she were ever to have a hysterectomy, I'd start calling her Steve. She was not amused.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Isabel said...

I hear ya.

10:45 AM  

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