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Monday, January 23, 2006


Moxy came to me one day as I volunteered at a PetSmart in-store shelter, cleaning up after the cats, holding and playing with them, letting potential adopters meet the animals. A woman and man brought him in, said he was a she (and there was no evidence to the contrary) and that his name was Destiny.

I asked if they could bring him in another time, because I wasn't supposed to accept animals (not 'qualified' or trained in that respect). They said no, they were leaving without her(him).

So I popped her(him) in a cage and waited until my allotted time was up. I bought some litter and cat food and brought her(him) home. At home s(he) slept on my face and attacked my toes. Even PsychoRoommate liked her(him).

S(he) went to the vet and I was asked "Why do you think this cat's a girl?" and a neuter was scheduled. He had upper respiratory illness and had to be fed pills. He leapt two feet in the air when you jumped with him, and adored playing with the cat hand puppet. He raced around my mom's house, as he had been moved since he had tried PsychoRoommate's patience, in thumping insane joy.

When we moved to my townhome it was just me and Moxy for a month or so. I taught him tricks - he sat, he waved. He slept on my pillow by my head.

I got him a friend, Simba, and he was overjoyed to meet this new cat, who hid, hissed, and swatted at him. Soon they played and ripped each other's hair out all over the house.

Then I got a husband, who he learned provided good sleeping grounds. Soon after that, a dog, who he learned to tolerate. And finally, a year later, along came the baby who hugs him with abandon, leaving Moxy meowing and nervous, and yet he won't run away. Esposo has grown weary of his constant neediness and tosses him out on his keister often. The dog has taken over the bedroom at night, so Moxy doesn't sleep with us, waiting for the times when we sleep on the recliner or couch to snuggle in for warmth.

He's a great cat, very accepting of the changes his life has brought, and sometimes I wish it could just be the two of us for a day again.


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