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Friday, January 27, 2006

My Scale is a Stingy Bitch

There are times during a long term diet - and by that I mean more than ten pounds - when you get the big mental boost. By that I mean when the tens (or, if you're at that point, the hundreds) number drops. It puts a spring in your step and renews your determination because that's a whole new set of tens!

I started losing weight at 1X7.8 according to my home scale (no, I'm not telling you the X). I've been in the 1X0ties for a long time now, probably since last July or so. I'm so very very tired of the 1X0ties. So tired, in fact, that I was dreaming of seeing 1(X-1)9.8 on the scale this morning. So hopeful...

Instead I saw 1X0.0.

Stupid bitch of a scale couldn't give me the 0.2 pounds? And yes, it's the SCALE'S fault, not the laws of mass, my body's energy use, and the amount of food I'm eating (which, actually, I can't reduce further without being in a worse mood than I already am).

Man, I was so hoping for 1(X-1)9.8.

The good news is that I weigh a pound less than when I weighed in at work on Wednesday. And that I've lost 7.8 pounds (per my scale) and 9 pounds (per the work scale).

Still want X-1.


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