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Sunday, February 26, 2006

And Still More About Boobs

This weight loss thing is causing unexpected consequences. My weight right now is in the middle of my clothing, and that includes in the middle of my bathing suits. So the bathing suit I wore this weekend was the bathing suit I bought for my pregnancy, and it is, as I so subtlely explained to my Mother In Law, boobilicious.

I haven't really been swimming with a one year old before, and I think I see some mommies laughing at me in the back. Provide WARNINGS people!!

I carried my sweet baby boy into the water and spun him about. We jumped and he laughed, I moved him through the water and he looked entirely freaked out and clung to me, because DUDE, the water is COLD!!

I carried him through the wholesome family water park, children running hither and nigh, and he thrust his hand between my boobs and proceeded to hunt for animal crackers, warm up a little, and see if he could reach my belly button.

And he REALLY needed those little nails clipped.

And looking down the road towards the future with a little boy, my nephew is providing comparative commentary for my sister in law on her 'endowment' versus other women's 'endowment'. Which I thought about as I swung him through the water in a circle and his adorable three year old face was just level with... whoops, kid, we're turning you AROUND!


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