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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tears and Laughter

I've written about how Luke has been throwing more temper tantrums when he's unhappy with something, when I won't let him do exactly what he wants to do. This is the part of toddlerhood that you always hear the war stories about.

It doesn't seem that an accurate picture of toddlerhood is given with these stories, because I didn't know that as he throws more tantrums, he will also laugh more. Everything is a high or a low now, and the highs are just as high as the lows are low.

Last night I gave Luke a bath and as he splashed about I made silly faces. He laughed so hard his little body shook, so hard he eventually fell over into the water, just catching himself at the last second. He laughed when I played with his toys, he laughed while he played with his toys.

After his bath he sat in front of the office door, opening and closing the door on the dog. She must have been moving to get in the door, but I never saw her, because he woould close the door on her. Only to open it again and laugh his body shaking laugh.

And those little legs that kick the ground in full tantrum mode? Can also stomp out a happy march while he plays.


Blogger Isabel said...

And the dog stayed there and let him do that? AWESOME.

1:17 PM  

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