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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wanted: Maid

Requirements: Must not be afraid of dog. Must not be allergic to cats. Must work cheap, fast, and well.

Esposo has a bite on an old internship, which could bring in some money, but would cause us to need to have Luke in daycare five days a week. That would then drain money precipitously.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like our daycare, and five days a week would be much more a routine for Luke and that would probably help out with his sleeping schedule. But then I lose the flexibility I currently have to work a little later three days a week without having to hurry home to pick up Luke, feed the dog, let the dog out, feed the baby, etc etc. I really do not like those days when I have to take care of everything within five minutes of walking in the door.

Esposo noted that he would be less help around the house if he went back to working several days a week, and his weekends would be consumed by homework. This is terrifying because the slowest bathroom remodel ever is still only halfway done, if even that, and I hate the state that our house is in.

But the good news is that spring is rapidly approaching and as it does, I come more and more out of my winter coma state, and can get more done in the evenings. And it's only 80 days until he graduates, and we should be able to get through that miniscul amount of time, right? That's just two Survivors.


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