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Friday, April 07, 2006


I cooked last night. I mean I **cooked**! See, we tried out this "Dinners By Design" thing a month or two ago and we (the moms) did it again last night. You make twelve dinners in two hours, freeze em all, and then thaw, heat and serve at some point later.

Now, the moms group is getting more lively. We've known each other longer, we've got some live wires in the bunch, and there were five bottles of wine. I'm not an exact cook to begin with. I figure everything means 'roughly', which doesn't make sense since I do have this chemical background and I can write and balance chemical equations and all that shit. Or at least I could at one point, it's not exactly something you use on a daily basis, or say, EVER, in the working world. So I know that there is a certain balance of how things are supposed to work.

But that's really only in baking.

So, at this place you have all your ingredients spread out for you, with the measureing spoons in the exact size you'll need for putting that ingredient in the recipe. It requires little thought. But you do still have to follow the recipe, and they recommend that you read through it all before you start. Which I didn't do at all. Not once.

I also drank wine and muttered in the back of the group while the owner ran through the introduction. I'm not a good student, see. I'm a LOUSY student, actually. I never listened. I was just fortunate enough to be able to get decent grades without listening.

So I arrived at each dinner station unprepared and not reading. Often the dinner stations had things like garlic. We like garlic in our house. Perhaps a bit too much. So where it asked for one tablespoon? I would often put one and a half or two.

No vampires here.


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