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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Immigration reform protests are taking place all over the country, and according to one article I read, students are being suspended for skipping school to attend protests.

How moronic is that? These are children, adolescents, who are actually paying attention to the fact that there is a world beyond Britney Spears and The OC, and exercising their rights (whether they be legal immigrants or illegal) to peacably protest. Holy crap, people, this is what we call a teachable moment!

For those of you not hip to the parenting jive, teachable moments are those instances that present themselves as a way to get your message across in more than just words. It's a moment where everything comes together and your kid can think "Wow, that's what she means!".

And is one day of school really so important that a child should miss being a active participant in the world? What if the (people who protested in the 50's and 60's - what are they called, I was going to say "racial protestors" but that's not right), what if they deemed that work or school was more important than sit ins? If they let their voices be silenced because a day could not be missed?

If any kid needs a note to attend a protest, I'll write him a note:
__________ will not be attending school today. (S)he will instead be getting a lesson on America.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Right ON!!!!!!!

8:17 PM  

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