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Friday, April 14, 2006

Ask the Stupid Question

I really like Luke's daycare. The women (and one man) who work there are very friendly and eager to tell me about Luke's days. What he did, silly stories, he was crabby, it's often a bit of a struggle to just get out the door, they're so talkative. Luke is in the Infant Room and is usually playing when I come to get him. I always peek in first, and he's usually happy, in fact, I can't remember a time when he was crying when I picked him up. But when he sees me, he runs for his coat and we're out the door.

However, the Infant Room doesn't have a set sleeping schedule and Luke doesn't get good sleep in that room. I'm sure some baby or another is always up and Luke is a light sleeper. A few weeks ago he took his nap in the Toddler Room, and he slept longer. In that room everyone naps at the same time, and the lights are dimmed and there's soft music playing - much better for a kid who wakes easily.

Yesterday I called daycare in the morning and requested that he start taking his naps in the Toddler Room every day, because he's been in such a foul mood when we got home.

When I went pick Luke up yesterday, I popped my head in the Infant Room and they told me that he was outside with the toddlers. They also told me excitedly that 'He fed himself at lunch!'


Apparently in the Infant Room Luke will not feed himself. He sits there and whines until they FEED HIM. I was shocked by this because at home Luke does not get fed until it is particularly gooey - like pudding, say. So to find out that they've had to feed him all this time was pretty amazing.

I headed outside where Luke was rocking on a toy, and when he saw me he smiled, but didn't stop rocking. Heck, this was too much fun. I talked to him awhile, not wanting to rush him out the door, and the toddler room woman went on and on about how wonderful he was for her today, with the eating and the playing, and the mostly staying on his cot at naptime. It sounds to me like he needs to be in the bigger room because the infant room is boring him, but state laws require a certain teacher/child ratio above and below 15 months.

And really, they need to stop feeding him.


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