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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday I had a visit to the Lady Doctor - that being, the doctor for whom care is entrusted of my lady parts. Ironically, I was supposed to see a male Lady Doctor, but he was in surgery and instead I visited with a lady Lady Doctor. She gave me the thumbs up on further procreation, so whenever we're ready for that we're approved and everything. Last time we weren't so prepared.

While sitting in the waiting room, I had a chance to peruse a few magazines that don't come to my house. I get Parents and Parenting, I think, and I'm a little confused by them because they have almost the same damn name and seem to be pretty similarly laid out. I like them both even if I can't tell them apart.

The waiting room, however, had a March issue of Child magazine. I'm sure this is published by the same publishers who publish Parents and Parenting, which may be published by the same people, but it was different in one big notable respect.

There was the fashion section for children. And the little boy dressed in the flowly white tunic who looked reminscent of 1800's Indian royalty had me in a sputtering mess of 'stupid' and 'who dresses their kid in this?' followed by 'ironing!?!?' and 'children's fashion!' 'HMPH!'. I am easily indignified and these obnoxiously dressed children sent me over the edge.

Let me explain my plan for clothing my children: 1) Mostly clean, at least not worn more than twice, and stains should blend well with the fabric. 2) Covering body parts that should not be exposed for fear of wounding - which is why my son wore jeans to the park in 70 degree weather, the kid ideally should have a helment and gloves. 3) No belly shirts for girls. 4) No hip hop trendy clothes for boys (kid? you're white. And I hate the look. It screams 'hoodlum'.)


Blogger Isabel said...

Plus, the fashions they have in the magazines are way too much money for clothing for KIDS!! They are kids people, they don't need $100 jeans!!

2:31 PM  

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