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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Possibly one of the most annoying things about the modern world, besides the craptacular new HP printer radio spots where people sound out slurred words because their printer sucks! And also, they're ...MORONS...!! Nothing makes me change the radio station faster than having to listen to one of those commercials. Except maybe the commercials for Dr. Leon Forester Chupchim who can take care of all your tummy needs. Seriously, tummy needs. There's one more radio commercial that makes me want to finish off my hearing...

Maybe there is a need for Satellite radio after all! Or, I could just put some damn CDs in my car, that might be a solution.

Anyway, modern world, annoying. These are passwords. Every website, every program, all these things require passwords. Some are okay with six letters. Some want numbers in there. Some want eight characters! All of it screws me up. And the work programs require that you change your password on some set schedule, which I try to avoid by never turning off my computer. Once you reboot they MAKE you change that password.

The last time I was forced to change my password, to something I haven't used or thought of on any other program in any world and it better not be an actual WORD! GOD! Don't you know it's supposed to be random! erg... This was 53 days ago, and I know this because I ended up using 57days as my password. (Now you can all get into my work computer! After you get in the building! And figure out where I sit!) 57 days was the number of days until Esposo graduated from grad school.

Now it is FOUR and I am 59 days from quitting!

Still can't remember what commercial it is that I so hate, but I'm sure I'll hear it on the way home.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

The password thing...My biggest pet peeve is when you can't remember a password so you try to create a new account (like at a website...obviously not at work) and it won't let you because your e-mail address is already tied to your previously existing account...but then they won't e-mail you your password...

So. Complicated.

2:13 PM  

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