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Monday, May 22, 2006

This is why I may be hard to Shop for.

Since my birthday falls at the end of the year, and Christmas usually falls then, too, my mother has always harassed me as to "what I want". While this was somewhat easier as a child, now it's conversation that I dread. Dreeeeaaaad. Because I have no clue what I want. Other than some clothes, because dude, I have NO clothes. My mother moved into her place and promptly filled two (2) walk in closets with clothes. And she has a dresser of clothes. And I think some are in storage. And then she tells me she has no clothes, and I look in my one (1) walk in closet and no dresser and since Esposo moved all his clothes out this weekend? It's stark and empty.

I would bet that about 30-40% of my current wadrobe was not purchased by me. And a lot of it is stuff that I would not have purchased for myself. Which leaves me walking around in, essentially, someone else's clothes. You tend to identify yourself a lot by your clothes, and when you're wearing someone else's? Very weird.

So, I was thinking, that I might be difficult to shop for because I don't even generally know what I want. And I was also thinking about tiling the bathroom because I am eager to finish that project. And I thought I so need one of those string chalk line things to find the middle of the floor! I should put that on my Amazon wish list!

And really, who the hell is going to come up with something like that for a Christmas or birthday gift and know that I would be super ecstatic and chalk-lining Esposo in his sleep?

Oh yeah, Luke peed on out bed this morning.


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