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Friday, June 23, 2006

One Fine Day

Luke and I spent yesterday afternoon in a park meeting up with six other moms and eight other children from our internet mom group. In classic 2006 style, it took an internet group to meet someone who lives - no lie - four houses down from me on the same side of the street.

Luke was eager to start swinging once we got to the park, and another mom popped her son in the swing next to him. The other boy grew quickly tired of this swinging nonsense, so she took him out to let him run while we continued talking, and Luke continued swinging.

Predicting what's going to happen next and spatial awareness are not skills nineteen month olds posess apparently. The other little boy went running to Luke's swing when he was on a back stroke and Luke (obviously, not through his own fault) took him down on the forward stroke.


We moved onto the shaded slide area, where every kid was drawn to the slide with the mucky puddle on the final bit of slide, and is mostly responsible for the bath Luke got last night.

Because toddlers don't play with each other, just in the vicinity of each other, Luke decided at one point to run off. I called after him 'Luke! Lucas! LOOOOO-KUH!' and he kept on trucking. Cali (California) Mommy called out 'Cheese stick!' and Luke spun on a dime. Just call 'im Mozza for short.


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