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Friday, June 23, 2006

Primevil Forest

When the people of the world have all been wiped out because we do something tremendously stupid or just slowly asphixiate our planet, I think it's going to take about 4 years for all of our buildings and roads to be covered by plant life.

I love plants, my mom had dozens of them when I was growing up and they would grow for her passively watchful eye. Over the years I've become more proficient at keeping house plants alive and now we have a few increasing the oxygen supply and cleaning the air in our house. I like things that earn their keep.

I've recently begun turning my attention to the plant life outside my house, though, and that's where my assertation comes in that they will take over everything. Each week we are putting out three or four cans of plant material for the plant waste pickup people to pick up. I have shorn down six or seven bushes only to have them pop right back up like Weebles.

This is a good thing when it comes to Tiger Lilies and hosta, but very bad with creeping jenny and those evil spiky weeds. I spent a solid hour weeding one half of the plant beds last night and only succeeded in making it look okay. There's a lot of plant material still there.

Since our realization that our funds would be lower than expected, or that our outgo was higher than expected, as it were, I've been thinking about what home projects to turn to. It seems that gardening will provide an effective outlet for home beautification and it's cheap because we already have so many plants! I just need to move them around a bit and provide some TLC!

Because if I don't, they're going to eat us for dinner.


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