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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday, Baby Free

This past Saturday Esposo and I went to a wedding. My MIL babysat Luke overnight, leaving us baby-free all Sunday (Father's Day) morning.

We missed the wedding ceremony because of a crazy schedule which involved dropping Luke off and picking me up from Esposo's aunt's house and when we tried to plan out the day, we simply thought that it was stupid to stress ourselves that much. So, for the first time ever, we attended a reception without the ceremony, and it was supremely odd.

Since we are "the couple with the baby" (though, thankfully, two other couples are pregnant now), everyone asked about Luke. We said he was well and tried to tell a cute anecdote or two. And then we got into poop stories. When you have a kid you end up with a LOT of poop stories. And being the only ones WITH a kid there, no one could one-up us. We ruled the table with our poop stories!

We didn't leave our table much all night, preferring to talk rather than hit the dance floor, especially as Esposo's friends made jackasses of themselves, so those spots in the "reception characters" were already filled. Esposo drank, I drove, and I didn't have to wake up until 7 the next morning.

This was the fourth night Luke had spent away from me, the third night - in his life - away from both Esposo and I. I presumed I would wake up Sunday morning mooning about for my child, but surprisingly, and actually somewhat refreshingly, I didn't. I was happy to spend the morning watching TV and putting up crown molding (Happy Frickin' Father's Day to you, Esposo! Crown Molding!). I could go outside and work in the yard without someone screamingly upset about the noise the trimmers made. Except for our neighbors and they're whiny a-holes anyway. It's 8 oclock! Get up already! (kidding, I was not trimming at 8 AM)

We headed to Esposo's Papa's house for Father's Day dinner, and my MIL brought Luke to us. He was happy to see us, but didn't run immediately to my arms or cling to me. This Sunday served to prove that I'm not turning into some crazed over possessive creepy mother ala Loverboy and that hopefully I won't raise a Mommy's Boy.

But he's still my baby.


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