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Friday, June 16, 2006

My Life isn't Hard

I often get stressed out about things, about money, about my weight, about how clean my house is, but I know that my life isn't hard. I know I could have a lot more problems, and I try to laugh at the things that may be stressful in my life. When I tell a story about things going awry (like locking my keys in my running car) (for two hours) (and not even knowing it until someone mentions my lights were on) I don't tell them so people can sympathize with me. I hope they'll laugh at me, because generally the stupid shit in life is funny.

The people who have most driven me crazy in life are the people who don't recognize how easy their lives are, and instead constantly try to point out how much more difficult their life is than mine. And once you have to try to prove to me that your life sucks harder, I've lost any respect for you I might have had. I don't like to help people who are forlorn and needy because no matter how much you try to help them, they're still going to be forlorn and needy. That's their constant state and it doesn't matter what they do or do not have.

Invariably, once you get to know someone, some story comes out, some aspect of their life is revealed that makes you see this person in a new light. Everyone has a story, everyone has gone through a rough time. Coming out the other side is life.

And looking at my life, as I try to hit my stride in this 'parenthood' thing, if I could change one thing about myself, I would like to laugh out loud more. I have several friends and a husband who toss out belly-busting laughs and I envy them. I may find something just as funny but only come out with smile or a chuckle - my brother is the same way or worse, so perhaps there's a genetic component to laughter style. And how do you change that without feeling forced?

Stop whining and laugh more, sound good?


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