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Monday, June 19, 2006

Lower Your Expectations

A friend was hosting a party this weekend, and she was very disappointed that a lot of people who had said they were coming backed out close to the party. I felt bad for her, and told her that it happens all the time. Everytime I plan a party, I have people who don't show or who leave me hanging until the last minute. I've learned to deal with this, though.

I've lowered my expectations.

I actually believe this is the key to life. You can plan and save and try your best, but life is really unpredictable and, in the case of parties, people can suck. If you lower your expectations and determine only that you will have a good time, it ends up not mattering who shows up and who doesn't. If you accept what you have and don't *expect* anymore, you'll be happy with anything you get.

This doesn't mean you don't try your hardest or do your best or save for a rainy day. It's about learning what you can and can not control - and you can definitely not control anyone else, so once you stop trying, you're much happier.

That said, people should still RSVP and be nice.


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