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Friday, August 25, 2006

One Bad Day

I had a helluva a bad day yesterday. Morning Sickness took over, I threw up a few times and felt awful All. Day. Long. I left work at 8:30, after only being there an hour, because I was retching into my keyboard and even walking around wasn't helping my stomach. I was supposed to go to a dinner making event (you make 12 meals in a coupld hours and freeze them for future use) last night with my moms group, but facing food was just too much to bear.

They made my meals and brought them to my house last night. As I told the delivering mom where I lived, I thanked her and she said 'It's no big deal', and I finally came up with a response that I think expressed that I was really grateful for what they were doing for me. 'It's a big deal to me.' It wasn't something they had to do, at all. It made me feel really good.

I spent most of yesterday reading. In the book I was reading (One Thousand White Women, which is pure fiction, and in the preface the author basically has to shout this, because many people apparently believe it is true!) there are pregnant women. A lot of them. And there is no mention of any of them suffering from morning sickness in the early months. Since I was fairly incapacitated by morning sickness yesterday, this ticked me off. A lot.

I'm getting more annoyed by books. Did I mention the book about internet dating (which, uh, is how I met Esposo) and the woman describes her bad dates (excellent fodder for a book, I agree!) but ends up with someone she met through an acquaintance? I was bitter the author chose the standard route, because the book is ABOUT internet dating. Gah.


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