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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Esposo has finally given a name the child in utero, he dubbed it C2, as in Child #2.

My initial response to this nickname was that it wasn't fair to this little fetus. After all, C2 is already overshadowed by Luke. I don't spend hours searching out boy and girl names for C2, and I don't wander around in a glassy-eyed daze thinking "OMIGOSH! He's three inches long now!" I still get my developmental updates via email, but I don't spend the days between emails scouring the internet and books for MORE INFORMATION about what the wee precious life in me is up to.

It's been done, you know.

C2 is even inheriting a bedroom, rather than getting it's own. Luke is moving up to a new transportation bedroom, and C2 gets a hand me down jungle. Life is cruel. It bothered me at first, this poor neglected C2, now being defined in nickname as C2, rather than getting it's own unique moniker, like Blasty.

But then I thought that we're all defined by our relationships anyway. When Luke was conceived he was immediately a son, grandson, and nephew. This child, C2, was immediately a son/daughter, grandson/graddaughter, nephew/niece, AND brother/sister. C2 will always be defined as being a sibling, while Luke is adding it this next year.

I'm a second child, and Esposo is the third in his family. We're no strangers to C2's impending fate of being the 'younger sibling', but neither of us has ever been upset at our place in the birth order. I hope that C2 similarly relishes it's role in life as a sibling, a tormentor, a confidante, and a playmate. We may not spend hours at night fighting about your name (yet), but we've got a buddy waiting for you, little one.


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

My mother got her panties all in a twist when Peanut had to inherit the Duckling's solid wood crib that was less than two years old. Poor baby...we don't even have solid wood furniture in OUR bedroom!!

I know...poor second kid gets screwed...but just a little and besides what if he had NOTHING to talk to his therapist about when he got older? Then he'd complain about that!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Elisette said...

At least Luke is getting a used bed frame in his new room... and used bedspread... it's not like I buy him shiny new stuff for him to beat and ruin.

1:25 PM  
Blogger RubyB said...

i got a new room when my bro was born. he got the hand-me-down avocado green and orange clown bedroom. i got the yellow bedroom with olive green, deep shag, carpeting. and two twin beds. i think i finally got bedroom furniture when i was 8.. but really? who needs it before that?

i need to find pictures of this original baby bedroom. There is something in my head but I wonder how accurately I remember it.

8:03 PM  

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