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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baby on Crack

I picked Luke up, as usual, from daycare yesterday. They had already moved outside for afternoon playtime, which is Luke's favoritest place to be - OUTSIDE! When I asked him if he wanted to go home - No. Do you want to go to the park - No. Do you want to watch the Choo Choo Show (this is the big guns here) - No. Since I don't really have anywhere to be, I take the pick up from daycare pretty slow, apparently too slow for the daycare people, because they convinced Luke to leave. Hm.

They also apparently put some crack in his sippy because Oh. My. God.

Yesterday was a day when I just didn't know what to do with Luke. Not because he was upset, he was INSANELY active. He ran through the house, he yelled, he would climb up me and stick his face in mine "HI!". He does usually do these things, but last night it was frenzied. In the tub he splashed and flipped and pushed his legs back and forth to make a wave pool.

When I fed him I was kinda afraid he was going to bite my finger off.


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