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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Stupid One

We heard about a dog from a friend, a dog that had been purchased by a golf course to chase geese but didn't chase geese. She was, purportedly, a great dog! Smart! Housebroken! Great with kids! Well, one outta three ain't bad, she is great with Luke.

As for the the smart assertation? We've been trying to teach this dog 'lay down' for the last week. She's not getting it. When I shoved her out the back sliding glass door yesterday and shut it behind her, she turned around and smacked right into it.

And housebroken? Well, the dog has issues, apparently, with where it goes to the bathroom. As in it's picky. And so far, it seems that our backyard does not meet it's high standards. And on walks? She's too jumpy from the cars and the people and the squirrels to even think about going to the bathroom. She's had an accident each morning, this morning she actually started to poop RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME in my living room. I hauled her outside, but of course she had hit the off poop button.


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