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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm not dead yet!

I now, very temporarily, for six more days of waking up and coming here, have three co-workers who all have the same job title that I do. I went to ask NC if she wanted to go take a look at something and they were all gone. I figured OC (Old Chickie) was just touring NG and NC or something. But it turns out that they were all at a meeting discussing the project with our boss.

“I feel fine!”

Our little group eats lunch at 11 AM. When you start at 7AM, 11AM is exactly halfway through the day. Besides having trained our stomachs to be hungry at that time, by four hours into the day, we need an extended break. Typically we stop by each other’s desks and announce that we’re heading down, and we can choose to go or wait, depending on the day. At 11:15 yesterday, my coworkers called me from the cafeteria because they had forgotten me!

“I’ll get better!”

Now, logically, I know I’m leaving and they all know I’m leaving and why not phase me out of projects. But the lunch thing? Dude! Logic aside, it still feels weird to be left out of everything when you are still working for the company. I can guarantee that I won’t be getting a ‘goodbye lunch’. Jerks.


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