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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Career Option Explored

I have been giving a lot of thought to want I really want to do with my life because, dur, working in the corporate manufacturing world didn’t float my boat or swing my tire (?) so I’m going to have to find something else. Yes, I realize I should just take some time to be home and love my child and a half because why the hell not? But that’s not how I operate, I prefer to plan eight years in advance. Which is utterly impossible.

So, I having been giving thought. That “a lot” phrase I used earlier? Way overboard. Giving thought is more apt. Or maybe allotting passing seconds to thinking about thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life?

So far my thoughts go like this: I kinda would like to do something that wasn’t focused on making money (ie, not in the corporate world). Not that I think I have to join the Peace Corps and take my family to Africa – Esposo would be really pissed when he couldn’t listen to MP3s, play Civilization, AND play his car game all at the same time. But something that’s sort of got some altruistic aspect to it would be nice.

I like the environment.

I like animals. Not in that way, sicko.

And I started thinking about this second thing and I know I don’t have the heart to go into animal anything. Because animals die and have to be put to sleep all the time, and I would be crying non-stop. Plus, I’d have to deal with stupid people non-stop.

I’m not an animal behaviorist, I’m an engineer. But it still seems obvious to me that cats are cats and dogs are dogs and once you expect them to behave in ways other than cats, dogs, or whatever animal we’re speaking about here, then you head into trouble.

I hate that so many people hate cats with outright nastiness. Because they don’t understand how cats think, or care to respect them for what they are, which is individuals. Cats hunt alone, and therefore they never had to care what other cats thought of them. All their relationships are OPTIONAL. Dogs hunt in packs, and if they screw up the hunt, they have a pack of pissed off dogs. All their relationships are OBLIGATORY. So it’s a much greater compliment, in my opinion, if a cat likes you.

The reason I started thinking on this line is that I read a comment in one of my regular blogs that “Cats and babies are a no-no” and I felt like reaching out and shaking that person. People hold onto really stupid ideas about animals without bothering to learn the facts. And that annoys me. Which is why I think I’d have a problem working in the animal field.


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