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Friday, October 27, 2006

You Don't Know Me At All

I have a friend dating back to college days who is... er... socially inept. Okay, I probably have more than one of those, to be honest. But this friend has actually gotten worse with time. Recently, he called a mutual friend and inquired as to how she liked living in Tecumseh*. Except, well, she doesn't live in Tecumseh and never has. He just hadn't paid attention. Excessively.

He then got into a conversation with her in regards to his son, who is three months younger than Luke, and commented as to how he's at the same level as Luke. Which, uh, what? On so many levels this is weird, because 1) don't compare kids like that. It's not nice and it sucks and there's enough competition in this world that we don't need to be competing with 20 and 17 month old children. Let them be. And then 2) he knows nothing about Luke's 'level', and I know nothing about his kid's level, because he's socially inept and doesn't communicate at all (and then somehow expects us to know what the hell he's talking about when he references things we've never heard of).

He left me a message, too. I don't know about calling back, because I definitely don't want to get in a competition conversation with him, or listen to him crow about his kid's achievements without saying anything about Luke because that's a crappy conversation to be stuck in. Argh.

In Luke news, we had a day of Refusal To Nap. There was much screaming and crying and jumping up and down, and then Luke got upset, too. (hee) So around 2:45 I gave up completely and let Luke play, and he was content. He was playing by himself and was not in a terrible face eating whining mood. At 5, I sat him down for dinner and he snarfed roast beef, rejected pears, and requested bread. After he had his first slice of bread he asked for another, which I got for him. I sat at the table next to him and went to reading my magazine. A minute later I looked up and there he was, passing out with a crust of bread dangling from his lips. I never understood how there were always videos of children sleeping in their food on the funny video shows, and here it was, happening in my kitchen. Sadly, I only got one picture, and the bread had fallen before I took that.

Now it's 7, and I guess I wake him up for a couple hours... I'm not sure what to do here and I dread it all...


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