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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Settling In

I've been home for six weeks or so now, and I finally feel like I'm settling in. My days are busy enough that I can't get everything done, and though I've been trying to plan for lunch out with my ex-coworkers, I haven't been able to find a day. Luke and I will go and go for days at a time until all he wants is to stay home and play with his cars by himself, thanks anyway, mom.

I've also picked up a new job, a little 5-10 hour a week thing that involves calling businesses for other businesses that have business to try and do with them. It's telemarketing, but not to your home. I can do it during naps and it pays well enough that if I work 5 hours a week it should cover all Luke and my activities and lunches for the week. Not that we spend a lot of money doing stuff...

Luke continues to turn into a person, and it's looking like we're going to have to have some sort of 'kids' birthday party for him, though I was against it before. Because really, he'll be two! What does he care? Except he does. Luke actually has friends, and he talks about other children - Mah-ye (Molly), Joey, Nic, Isis, I-see (Ellyse), Dy-yan (Dylan), Mat-hew, and PJ. We've been at parties or play dates and Luke will lose the object of his affection for the day and come to me asking "I-c? I-c?" and until I figure out WHO he's talking about and locate that child, it's all he'll say. I have a social butterfly.

The baby, she continues to use my internal organs for kick boxing practice. It scares me how active she is.


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