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Monday, December 18, 2006

Quick Anecdotes...

Last night Esposo showed Luke that cars can disappear and be pulled from Luke's ear! And so Luke has been spending time trying to get cars back IN his ear. It's hysterical to us.

Nerds raise nerds - my son knows what a hexagon is.

I was wearing a cleavage shirt (which is hard not to do with the damn mutant pregnancy boobies) and Luke pointed and my cleavage and said decisively 'Mommy yuck'. Thanks for the criticism. Later I was checking out my 28.5 week pregnancy belly in the mirror and he came over and pulled my shirt down. Really, let me know if anything bothers you, kid.

Tonight Esposo pretended to suck toy cars up his nose. Guess who's trying to ram a hot wheel up a nostril?


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