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Saturday, December 16, 2006


I'm very excited about my holiday present this year! It's the first ever time I get to dispute a charge on my credit card bill! WHOO! I suppose, considering I got my first credit card four seconds after turning 18 - and was extended a $500 credit line - that it's pretty amazing that I've never had to do this before. Even better, I have the tendancy to misplace my credit cards in various pants, switch purses, my glove compartment - I've put it somewhere stupid innumerable times, been unable to find it, and had a new one issued.

What pisses me off about this is that I recognized as I was being checked out that the total was wrong, confronted the cashier - who laughed and told me to sign anyway because 'haha', it was so much more expensive than I thought, isn't shopping funny? No, twit, you're really $40 over what my bill should be. She called over a manager who SUPPOSEDLY voided the transaction - which I never signed for - and rerung me up. Of course, I got charged both times.

I also ordered someting online last week and had it delivered in just a few days! And then they delivered it again! So now I have two of this item, but they only cahrged me once. Unfortunately it's less than what I was charged by the other non-related error, and it's not something I want two of. So I can't just call it even shopping-karma-wise.

Luke's nightlight went out last night, and he woke at 2:30 in the morning SCREAMING in fear. We'd never heard him scream like that before, an Esposo shot up straight in bed looking ready for a fight. I have new understanding of people who have to deal with night terrors - it's not easy to get back to sleep when you wake up with your heart in your throat.


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