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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nest, Nest, Nest

13 days until theoretical induction. We haven't scheduled it yet, so it's still theoretical. But I will eat all my doctors car keys if they don't schedule it for week 39... except, of course, if I go into labor before then, and let's just point out that I'm not counting on that. Unlike my friend who said she EXPECTED to give birth at week 38, so really, it was like she was two weeks late when she gave birth two days before her due date (No, it's not like that at all, and don't tell overdue people that lame bunch of BS), I am not delusional that I can will this child out of my body anytime soon.

Excitingly, or really, rather mundanely, and expectedly, I have entered a high nest stage. The last time I picked up a pregnancy book it told me to resist the nesting urges and "rest". Jerks. Clearly these people have husbands or maids who understand the need for the rag shelf to be sorted and organized (largest on left to smallest on right) and do this for the crazy pregnant woman. Instantly. Because I can hardly sit still for thinking about some stupid project that I should be doing. Currently, I want to scour the house for things to sell on Ebay. My nesting is focusing on decluttering and organizing. STUFF MUST GO! GO GO GO! Of course, I have also washed the shower curtain, started ripping out the kids bathroom vanity, and scrubbed/dusted random items (really must develop some sort of pattern of attack for cleaning, other than 'That is dirty! Clean it!').

The more I do, the more my body screams in protest. Ah, pregnancy insanity.


Blogger Isabel said...

Oh my goodness women...sit down and rest.

( if you could.)

I totally understand the need to clean and get everything in order.

Here's hoping a maid just shows up on your doorstep.

11:17 AM  

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