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Monday, February 12, 2007


Today is Luke's second birthday. Two years ago today I got out of the shower and found out my water had broken, and then we giddily headed off to the hospital to have a baby. At 11:13 PM, Luke was born.

We just had a small family party for him, because I'm 8.5 months pregnant here, and he's two. He was overwhelemd enough by the presents he received from four people, and has been happily playing all morning. This is great, since it's snowing outside, and after the weekend I'm feeling wiped out. We cleaned our house more than it has been in MONTHS. I think I went through half a lint roller on one couch cushion alone (cat hair).

My mother in law is a cake decorator by hobby, and this year she made Luke a Dora cake. He climbed up on a chair to inspect the cake, said "I need a spoon!" and headed into the kitchen to get one. By himself. He opened the silverware drawer, which is above his line of vision, and grabbed a spoon, and then headed back to his cake, where he dug in with gusto.

When I said no after he took one bite of frosting, he looked at me and said "Mommy go!", because that's what he always does when he's doing something he knows he shouldn't be. I mean, hey mom, take a hike, so I can eat this cake!

He got Diego toys and clothes, a tricycle (with a handle so we can push him until he learns how to pedal, and for when he gets tired.), and books and movies.


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