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Monday, February 26, 2007

Nest! More Nest!

Okay, so I'm still nesting. I'm also blosted to the point that my fingers and toes are sausages and it's uncomfortable to bend them. And thus therefore, up about two pounds from last week. I can't seem to drink enough water...

Luke has been on his prescription poop medication (laxative, for those of you wanting 'technical' terms) for six days now. Things really kicked in on Saturday, and that was a fun day, let me tell YOU! But we've lowered the dose (we have to start things in a Super Colon Blow kind of way to have a clean slate, you know) and hopefully we'll get him to a non painful pooping kind of life. If we could also get him to a non-whining-about-changing-clothes kind of life, that would be great. He would prefer to wear one outfit for the rest of his life, and really, it won't work at his kindergarten graduation, let alone high school.

In nesting news, I've begun painting and decorating the master bedroom - this time in a color that doesn't blend with everything we've got. It's a slate blue and I really love the effect, so much more than the gold we (still) have. My mom brought over the curtains she made for the baby's room - which is not changed much from when Luke lived in there, so curtains added a little bit of feminity.

And in REALLY exciting news, Esposo started framing out the basement. I don't want to think about how much money we spent this weekend, again, we're just hoping for the raise to come through...


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