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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doctor doctor

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, where I eagerly anticipated scheduling an induction date, but instead they told me that my cervix is not the least but ripe, which means they can't do iddly or squat about inducing me because the door to my womb is shut, locked, and rusted closed. I cried, because dude, they totally LIED to me that they would just schedule this thing. I go in again next Tuesday and in the meantime I'm trying all the froufrou remedies for ripening my cervix I can find. Except I'm not taking castor oil, because that screams STOOPID to me.

Nesting is going well, as all my Ebay items have sold, one for more than it can be purchased for in stores, which I find highly amusing. People on Ebay are not all that bright at times. Another I am shipping to Canada, which costs SEVENTEEN dollars for the buyer, which also seems to be a little stupid.

The weather has been great here lately, though, melting a lot of our snow. My front lawn is still has a snow blanket, but the sidewalks have melted clear and Luke and I were able to get outside in the past couple days.

We ripped out the vanity in the 'kids' bathroom, only to find that the vanity we needed took five weeks to come into our local Home Depot. So now, big empty area. There's more to that story, but I'm pretty done with the typing here...


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